Alternative Risk Management

Proficiency. Munninghoff Lange has a practice group dedicated to captive insurance services, Valley National Administrative Services. We help clients meet goals using our experience, thorough research, and sound analysis. We are an active member of the Kentucky Captive Association and assist the management of 80 domestic pure captives and protected cells.

Benefits. Captive insurance insures the risk of its owners and sometimes related affiliated third parties. Potential tax savings, underwriting cost savings, and overall reduced insurance costs for companies with a track record of low ratios/safety/loss controls are other benefits. 

Insurance Services Include:

Implementation of captive insurance companies
Establishment & operation of captive insurance companies, including warranty companies
Financial statement audits
Insurance tax planning, compliance & consulting
Consulting on reinsurance agreements
Structuring insurance arrangements
FATCA compliance
Enterprise risk management & ORSA assistance

Complimentary Expert Review

In-Depth Knowledge. The highly regulated insurance industry is too complex for most businesses to handle on their own. Our insurance services and solutions group has a deep understanding of your industry from hands-on practitioners.

Dependable. You can expect consistent professionals assigned to your engagement. We draw on decades of insurance industry experience in a wide variety of sectors to bring your project the right expertise from day one.